Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Horrified! Armed with Samurai, a Terrorist in South Kalimantan Attacking a Police Station Mercilessly, 1 Policeman Dead


South Daha Sector Police HeadquartersSouth Daha Sector Police Headquarters - The horror tragedy befell the South Daha Sector Police Headquarters (Mapolsek) in the early morning. A sharply armed terrorist blindly attacks the police. The terrorist had intended to die silly, he had prepared grave money for himself.

The perpetrators of terror are adult men without children, his wife AR. Based on police statements, AR left the money to his parents for his burial expenses.

Armed with samurai-style swords, AR then moved to South Daha Police Station, South Kalimantan, on a dark night. Arriving at the target location, he set fire to the police car which was used to patrol the security of the crowd.

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The car was set on fire, this person stepped into the Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT) of South Daha Mapolsek. On Monday (1/6) at 02.15 West Indonesia Time, the horror began.

At SPKT, there are SPKT Chief Brigadier Leonardo Latupapua, Head of Intel Brigadier Djoman Sahat Manik Raja, and Bripda Azmi. These three people are on night duty pickets.

Bripda Azmi heard a noise in the SPKT room. After Bripda Azmi arrived at SPKT, he saw Brigadier Leonardo injured as a stab. Bripda Azmi and Brigadier Djoman then helped Brigadier Leonardo.

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But suddenly AR attacked Azmi and Djoman Sahat blindly. "The perpetrators chased the members who came to the SPKT room with sharp weapons of the samurai type," said Head of the Public Relations Division of the Police Public Relations Division, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan.

Azmi was able to avoid a samurai slash, but Djoman Sahat was injured. They then ran to save themselves into the Intel Unit room and locked the door of the room from the inside while phoning Hulu Sungai Selatan Police Station. When assistance from the Hulu Sungai Selatan Police Station arrived at the crime scene (TKP), AR was still hiding in the Criminal Unit Unit. AR, who was already in the middle of a siege, was asked to leave but did not want to.

Finally, the police shot the perpetrators. AR was then evacuated to Hasan Basry Kandangan Hospital and died while he was about to be given medical help. Meanwhile, due to the AR attack, Brigadier Leonardo died.

From AR's hands, the police confiscated evidence of one samurai complete with a holster, an ISIS flag, a motorcycle unit, a black waist bag. The police also confiscated a handwritten letter of invitation with an invitation to jihad, a motorcycle key, a white 5-liter jerry can with the smell of gasoline.

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