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Is it True That Boiled Rice Water can Make Baby Fat? Here's the Explanation


Tajin water or boiled water made from riceTajin water or boiled water made from rice - Starch water or boiled water for rice has long been touted as a complementary food for breast milk. Many myths even say that starch water can make babies fat and healthy.

Many myths that develop about starch water. Some say this water can be a substitute for breast milk, but some also say starch water can make babies fat. Really this news?

The following detikFood summarizes from various sources about myths and facts about starch water.

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1. Starch water content
Starch water for babies is made from boiled rice. This water contains a lot of nutrients, carbohydrates in starch water is fairly high. In addition, starch water also contains minerals, protein, fat, iron, and vitamin B1.

Complex nutrition in starch water is good for health and can be accepted by the baby's metabolic system. But that does not mean you can consume starch water instead of breast milk. Provision of starch water for babies at least given when your child is 8 months old or the digestive system is ready.

2. Prevent dehydration when the baby has diarrhea
Babies who have diarrhea will definitely be followed by dehydration. Starch water can prevent babies from the effects of dehydration. Because the water content of starch can help meet the water needs of infants.

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Starch water can be given every four hours with a dose of about 120 ml, so it can relieve symptoms of diarrhea. The content of glucose polymer in starch water can be easily absorbed by the body.

3. Energy sources
Carbohydrates in starch water make the baby can get energy back. Nutrients in starch water are also easily absorbed by infants. Starch water is also effective in treating heartburn because it contains a variety of vitamins.

4. Make babies fat
Even though they contain calories, starch water cannot meet the baby's daily calorie needs of 550 to 725 kilo calories. Many people think that starch water can make you fat even though this is just a myth.

5. Maintain healthy hair and skin
Starch water contains B vitamins, such as thiamine and riboflavin. Both of these vitamins are known to contain high antioxidants. Starch water can accelerate blood circulation in skin cells.

Starch water also contains nutrients that are good for hair health. A study shows that rice water or starch water can reduce hair surface friction and help maintain hair elasticity. Starch water is also commonly used as a hair mask by adults.

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