Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Be Careful! This Is How It Is Not to Be Infected by Corona Virus From Mobile Phones


IllustrationIllustration - Dubai Police Scientists recently told Gulf News that it is possible for the Coronavirus to be infected from touching the surface of an infected cellphone. The telephone is a pathway for the transmission of the coronavirus.

Many of us don't think twice about how often we take out and put our phones on many surfaces, from the dining table to the workplace, to friends' homes.

However, research shows that cell phones are far dirtier than most people think, and the more germs they collect, the more germs you touch and the more you spread in your environment.
Here's how to disinfect your cellphone:

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1. Unplug your device
Make sure your cell phone is not connected to electricity, so cleaning is safer.

2. Use a cotton swab or cloth
Do not use abrasive tissue paper, which can leave micro-scratches.

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3. You will need 70 percent isopropyl alcohol
Don't go up to 90 percent because you don't want to cause potential damage to your cellphone. but also not lower than 70 percent, so it can effectively kill all germs.

4. Be careful when cleaning
You don't want to get moisture into every hole in your phone, including any jacks and speakers. It's perfectly safe to remove the look and the back.

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