Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Vile! a Man Hits His Wife With a Stick, Then Buries Her Alive Near His Child


IllustrationIllustration - A man allegedly tried to kill his wife by beating her with a stick, and then burying her alive after a fight over domestic problems in the village of Gotlapalem in the Nellore district, according to police.

According to the police, Ponnuru Subhashini (37) lives with her third husband, Budabukkala Swamulu (30).

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Police said Subhashini's seven-year-old daughter told them that "Swamulu dug a hole nearby and buried Subhashini while she was alive; on intermittent nights 27 and 28. He threatened the girl and ran away."

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Kodavaluru Inspector Srinivas Rao went to the place, dug up the body, and sent it to the Nellore government hospital.

"The police are looking for the defendant who escaped. Details such as when and how Subhashini died will be known after the corpse report," SI Pratap said.

A case has been filed; the investigation is ongoing.

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