Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Suitable for Work From Home and Online Learning, Plus Plus Internet Cards, 1ON Prime Card + Abundant Quota Bonuses


Suitable for Work From Home and Online Learning, Plus Plus Internet Cards, 1ON Prime Card + Abundant Quota BonusesSuitable for Work From Home and Online Learning, Plus Plus Internet Cards, 1ON Prime Card + Abundant Quota Bonuses - PEKANBARU - Smartfren Prime Card 1ON + back (read: ion plus) spoil all customers. By seeing the good market enthusiasm for the 1ON + product, Smartfren has launched a new variant of 1ON + Prime Card with an excess of excess bonus quota.

Smartfren has arrived with two new variants of 1ON + Prime Card, namely 1ON + Prime Card for IDR 40 thousand and IDR 60 thousand, with an active card period of 365 days.

Customers who buy and activate 1ON Prime Card + IDR 40 thousand will get the benefit of a 1.5 GB starter pack every month automatically for 6 months with a total quota of 9 GB so that the 1.5 GB is only IDR 6,600 a month. Whereas 1ON + Prime Card costs IDR 60 thousand, customers who purchase and activate will get the benefits of 3 GB starter pack activation automatically every month for 6 months with a total quota of 18 GB so that the 3GB price is only 10 thousand a month and of course all quotas apply 24 full-service hours.

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In addition to a large monthly bonus, customers will also get an abundant Weekly Quota Bonus of up to 52 GB by purchasing vouchers or data packages every week depending on the choice of data package denomination according to customer needs with a maximum of 52 purchases over 52 weeks or a year. Weekly quota bonus does not apply multiples and does not apply to vouchers or Unlimited and International Roaming Packages.

The 1ON + starter pack responds to the needs of people who work at home, online school, or at #DiRumah Aja activities. They need a lot of quota, especially in times like now that anything is done online, including hospitality also done via video-call, so that we can provide quota bonuses up to 52 GB. Every week when they buy a data plan, they immediately get an additional quota. Indeed this is the latest breakthrough from Smartfren, there are no other products on the market that are like something like this. In addition to abundant monthly quota bonuses, weekly bonuses that are flexible according to customer needs and clearly customers do not need to bother thinking about the active period of the card, because Smartfren 1ON + has an active long life 365 days, "said Yoni Setiadi, As Regional Head of Central Sumatra Smartfren.

By purchasing a 1ON + Prime Card, customers need not fear the card will expire, because the 1ON + Prime Card has an active period of 365 days. Another advantage is the quota that all customers get is the 24-hour quota and can be used in all applications for chatting, video streaming and social media (FB, IG, Twitter and others). Another interesting advantage of the SP 1ON + Card is Anti-Cut Credit where the customer's credit will not be cut off for internet access when all quota runs out for 6 months after the card is activated.

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To complete the 1ON + Prime Card, Smartfren has a data voucher starting from IDR 10,000 with a 1GB quota to a data voucher of IDR 100,000 per quota of 60 GB. Vouchers and various other internet package choices with complete denominations can be purchased at the Smartfren Gallery, the nearest outlets, USSI * 123 #, Smartfren Official Whatsapp at 0888-1212-888 or through the MySmartfren application. Get a free mask for every 1ON + starter pack at Smartfren special outlets.

This 1ON + starter card is here to answer the high demand of people who are afraid of running out of data quota when the government enforces the community to work, study and worship at home a month ago. The needs of the community for AntiWasWas data services are increasingly triggered by activities at home. "Close Yoni Setiadi, Regional Head of Central Sumatra Smartfren. (Rls)

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