Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Horrible! 1 Hospital Must be Quarantined, 700 Officers And Patients Were Allegedly Positive COVID-19


In April, Pokrovskaya, one of the main hospitals in St. Petersburg which treats Covid-19 patientsIn April, Pokrovskaya, one of the main hospitals in St. Petersburg which treats Covid-19 patients - In early April, a patient at an orthopedic hospital in St. Petersburg developed pneumonia.

When the patient's coronavirus test showed positive, the Vreden hospital was closed and ordered to be quarantined.

More than 700 medical officers and patients were quarantined from the outside world for the next 35 days.

This problem is considered similar to the quarantine of the cruise ship "Diamond Princess", which was "parked" off the coast of Japan at the start of the Covid-19 epidemic and became a Covid-19 cluster - with more than 700 cases and nine deaths among passengers and crew.

Most people in Russian hospitals become infected.

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According to an authoritative report in St. Petersburg, at least two members of the medical staff and two patients died.

The Vreden Institute is the National Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics. Founded in 1906, this hospital is one of the oldest in Russia.

Patients can be referred here by doctors from all over the country. Many wait months, and even years, to get appointments with famous Vreden specialists.

By the time the hospital detected the first coronavirus case, Russia had imposed restrictions on foreign visitors and its citizens had become aware of the threat of spreading the virus.

On April 9, the day the Vreden Institute closed its doors to the outside world, there were 474 patients and 239 staff.

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According to the institute's acting director, the chief of St. Petersburg medical officers who made the decision to suspend surgery and seal the hospital to prevent the spread of infection.

On April 8, doctors and nurses were told to go home, prepare to be quarantined in the hospital, and return the next day.

One doctor explained on social media, acknowledging that he and his colleagues underestimated the seriousness of the situation. This doctor himself fell ill shortly after.

Hospitals are not ready to deal with the coronavirus, reports show. There is no separation of "clean" and "infected" areas and protective equipment is initially scarce.

At the time the protocol was put in place, many people were infected as the virus spread.

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