Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Jokowi Signs Presidential decree of Community Housing Savings, Netizens: More and More Salary Slip Pieces


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President Joko Widodo has signed Government Regulation (PP) No. 25 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of Public Housing Savings (Tapera).

The regulation states that all workers are required to follow the Tapera program. Under Article 7 of PP 25/2020, BP Tapera not only manages housing funds for civil servants (PNS), but also the entire company.

Then, BP Tapera Participants are candidates for civil servants, state civil servants (ASN), soldiers and students of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri), state officials, workers in State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Business Entities Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD), Village-Owned Enterprises, private companies, and any workers who receive wages.

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"The amount of participants' savings is set at 3 percent of salary or wages for worker participants and income for independent worker participants," read article 15 paragraph 1 of PP 25 of 2020.

Then, the Public Housing Savings scheme takes contributions from workers and employers. The employer bears 0.5 percent while the workers are 2.5 percent of the total employee salary and the maximum is paid on the 10th of every month.

Tapera membership ends if the worker enters retirement; reach 58 years of age (special requirements for independent participants); participant dies; or the participant does not meet the criteria as a participant 5 years in a row.

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The regulation then became a concern on social media. Moreover, the PP actually burdens people. The following are comments from netizens.

"Another BPJS ... * sigh *
Here's the recipe if you want to be loved by the citizen:
1. good product
2. good service
3. good marketing
4. good reviews from early adopters
Why don't you keep on talking? "Said one netizen.

"There are more and more deductions on my salary slip
1. employment bpjs
2. bpjs pension guarantees
3. health bpjs
4. Tattoo
5. the cut of the correlation
6. Cutting absent
7.etc, "wrote one netizen.

"The tax is already done, the subsidy has been removed, the Hajj funds are used, now the amount of income is forced to be saved. What do you use the money to do with @jokowi? It looks like a very poor state, he said Indonesia Rich Rich ... !!!" commented one netizen.

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