Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Health Office: Three Reactive Citizens of Rapid Test in Bukit Raya is being Treated


(One of the citizens of Pekanbaru while studying the SWAB test)(One of the citizens of Pekanbaru while studying the SWAB test) -

PEKANBARU - Three residents of Bukit Raya Subdistrict declared reactive after conducting a mass rapid test organized by the City Government (Pemko) Pekanbaru through a task force acceleration handling team covid-19 at the South Tangkerang Village Head Office, Tuesday (2/6/2020).

Acting Head of Pekanbaru City Health Office, Muhammad Amin, when confirmed through the Pekanbaru Diskes Secretary, Dr. Zaini Rizaldy said that as many as 400 people took the mass rapid test that was held that day.

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"There are three people who have reactive results. Officers immediately conducted a swab test," Zaini said, Wednesday (3/6).

Swab samples (examination of mucus samples in the respiratory tract) three people had been taken for examination at the Biomolecular Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Arifin Achmad to ensure that the person was positive or not exposed to covid-19.

Not only the three people who underwent swab tests, but their closest relatives such as children and wives also did swab tests, up to a total of 11 people who took swab tests.

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"We wait for the results of the swab 3-4 days," he explained.

Furthermore Zaini said, currently the three residents have been treated at Madani Hospital Pekanbaru. They will undergo treatment until the results of the swab come out. Meanwhile, for 9 people who also did a swab test only conducted independent isolation.

Zaini said, the mass rapid test is planned to be held again in Marpoyan Damai District, Thursday (4/6). The location of the rapid test was held at the Tangkerang Tengah Public Health Center, Garuda street. 

Meanwhile, the number of Monitoring Persons (ODP) to date amounts to 5239. A total of 132 people are still being monitored. 5107 others have been monitored.

Patients in Oversight (PDP) numbered 580 people. 29 people are still being treated, 490 people are healthy and go home, and 61 people have died.

For positive cases up to now 40 people have been recorded, with 36 people declared to have recovered and 4 people died, meaning that there are no more positive patients with 19 in Pekanbaru.

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