Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Announcement! PPDB for Junior High School in Pekanbaru Will Open July 1, Here's the Rules


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PEKANBARU - New Student Admissions (PPDB) for SMP in Pekanbaru will be opened July 1 to July 7, 2020. The number of parents of prospective students conducting file verification is limited by applying health protocols in the New Normal period.

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This was said by the Head of the Pekanbaru Education Office (Disdik) Abdul Jamal,on  Tuesday (2/6/2020).

"For file verification, we have gathered all school principals and supervisors. The file verification process of prospective participants still applies the health protocol," he said.

The distance and number of parents of prospective students are also regulated during the PPDB process. Hence, Disdik Pekanbaru gives time for seven days.

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"We serve 25 people in one day. The rest tomorrow," Jamal said.

In this PPDB, the zoning system is still applied even in the New Normal situation. The zoning system is that students register at the nearest public school from home.

"It's just that the community must remember that there is a zoning quota. If it exceeds the quota, then prospective students are rejected, ie those whose homes are far from school," explained Jamal.

PPDB requirements for prospective elementary school students are 7 years old. The zoning system this year has a slightly different percentage from last year.

This year, the quota for the closest prospective students from home is 60 percent. Prospective students with 20 percent academic and non academic achievement pathways.

Prospective students from poor families 15 percent. Meanwhile, prospective transfer students and teacher children are only 5 percent. Last year, prospective students closest to the school were accepted 80 percent.

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