Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Young Woman from Tassel Pekanbaru with PDP status passed away yesterday


Young Woman from Tassel Pekanbaru with PDP status passed away yesterdayYoung Woman from Tassel Pekanbaru with PDP status passed away yesterday - One Pekanbaru resident, under surveillance (PDP), was found dead during the New Normal period. Meanwhile, positive cases of corona are still zero until now.

Spokesperson for Health Sector Task Force Handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Pekanbaru City Doctor Mulyadi, Wednesday (3/6/2020), revealed the latest data. There are 2 people in monitoring (ODP) today. There are 15 patients under surveillance (PDP).

"Today, one PDP died," he said.

PDP died was Mrs SPZ (26), a resident of Kelban Sari Village, Rumbai District. The patient was admitted to the hospital on May 31.

"Patients have symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, and body weakness. Patients have a history of tuberculosis and drug withdrawal," said Doctor Mulyadi.

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The patient died on June 2. Swab process (mucus sampling in the respiratory tract).

"Corona positive patients are still zero," said Doctor Mulyadi.

That way, the development of cases since March 3 in Pekanbaru, namely a total of 40 positive positive cases. Positive cases no additions.

"All 36 positive patients treated have been cured. There are no more hospitalized at the moment. As many as 4 people have died," said Doctor Mulyadi.

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Meanwhile, a total of 595 PDP cases. A total of 497 people recovered and went home. As many as 36 are still being treated and 62 have died.

"We have received 61 PDP swab results and corona negative results. We have not received one more swab results," explained Doctor Mulyadi.

Please note, a PDP who dies is not necessarily corona positive. PDP who died due to other diseases.

Meanwhile, the total ODP cases were 5,241 people. The details, 5,173 people have finished monitoring and 68 people are still under monitoring.

Rapid test results for 2,795 people with ODP. In details, 2,759 people were non-reactive and 36 were reactive.

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