Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Viral Story of an Anxious Husband During Lockdown, It Turns Out that He had a Second Wife


IlustrationIlustration - This famous lawyer in Malaysia shares the sad story of a broken marriage because of her polygamous husband. Sadly the new husband admitted he was polygamy during the lockdown took place in Malaysia.

This story begins with Ahmad Fedtri Yahya, a lawyer and television host in Malaysia who often shares stories that attract the attention of his followers on Instagram. Recently the emcee of the Traces of the Apostles revealed the story of a wife whose husband claimed polygamy after days of agitation during the lockdown took place in the neighboring country.

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In the report uploaded by Fedtri to Instagram, the woman said she initially thought her husband was nervous during the lockdown because of thinking about work problems and paying employee salaries. But in early April 2020 after the Fajr Prayer, he received recognition from her husband who made it look like being struck by lightning.

"He tells frankly with me that he had married another almost 10 months ago. It felt like my breath stopped and my heart was twisted," admits the wife.

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The woman also wrote that the PKP period or lockdown rule in Malaysia brought wisdom to her. If there is no lockdown, she will never know that her husband has another wife. And it could be that her husband will use various reasons to meet his second wife.

The post about the husband whose polygamy action was exposed because of this lockdown got a lot of reactions from netizens. Most female netizens feel sad reading the story.

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