Monday, 13 Jul 2020

HMI Prepares Protest Movement to PLN: The payment relief is just a hoax


(HMI protest wave to PLN)(HMI protest wave to PLN) -

PEKANBARU - The electricity tariff relief applied by PLN is only a hoax during the corona virus pandemic. The Riau-Kepri Islamic Student Association (HMI) is discussing a protest movement scheme to PLN Pekanbaru.

"We have been monitoring information through social media. The Pekanbaru people are complaining about the increase in electricity bills. We regret this incident," said Deputy General Secretary of the Student Affairs and Youth Coordinating Board (Wakesum PTKP Badko) Riau HMI Riau Kepri Septian when contacted Riau24group, Friday (5) / 6/2020).

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Pekanbaru residents are given a relief from paying electricity tariffs during the corona virus pandemic. But when they want to meet New Normal, there is an increase which is considered to suffocate the public, especially the middle to lower classes.

"The electricity tariff relief during the corona pandemic was considered a fraud and a hoax. Where to go to the New Normal phase there was even an additional burden on PLN's tariff relief in the past," said Septian.

Responding to the issue of unilateral electricity tariff increases, Riau-Kepri HMI will conduct an internal discussion first with friends of the Riau-Kepri HMI functionary Badko. This discussion is to determine the protest movement scheme to PLN Pekanbaru.

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Reported earlier, PLN Public Relations Manager Wilah Riau - Riau Islands, Tajuddin who was contacted by Riau24group explained, if the customer bills were inappropriate or improper it asked residents to contact 123 call center (0761-).

"Or you can come directly to the nearest PLN rayon with a photo of a stand meter, the problem will be checked later, if there is an error, it can be corrected, but if the use is high, of course there is a solution according to central regulations," he said briefly.

To note, PLN released a scheme of calculating household customer bills whose electricity bills jumped in June. Under this scheme, customers who experienced bills in June jumped more than 20 percent compared to May due to billing using an average of the last three months, then the increase will be paid by 40 percent, and the remainder is divided equally in bills in the next three months.

But in reality, the scheme is not the case. Where residents have experienced an increase in payments of up to 100-200 percent in June 2020.

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