Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Selling Fake N95 Mask US sues Chinese company


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The United States Department of Justice (US) is suing a Chinese company that sold nearly 500 thousand fake and substandard N95 masks in the US in April amid a corona virus pandemic.

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Launching from CNNIndonesia, Saturday, June 6, 2020, in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, it was said that King Year Packaging and printing based in Guangdong, China made three shipments of N95 masks to US buyers.

The company mistakenly claimed 495,200 masks shipped met N95 standards and also claimed they were certified by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the lawsuit said.

It was also said that the importer paid nearly US $ 1 million for the mask.

"The allegations in this lawsuit show a clear disregard for the safety of American citizens," said FBI agent Douglas Korneski, who investigated the matter of selling the mask in a statement.

"If it were not for the actions of the investigation team, the defendants would put the first respondent, hospital employees and other front-line workers directly in danger with damaged equipment just to make money."

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The Chinese company was sued with four counts of importing health products that were wrongly branded and substandard and lied to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Defendants are threatened with fines of US $ 500,000 each for each lawsuit, or if it is larger, double the amount obtained by the company from the sale of masks.

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