Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Viral; Here's the Explanation of Simple Hydroponic Planting at Home During New Normal


IlustrationIlustration - Cultivating with the hydroponic method is currently becoming a trend and is popular with the public. Because this method does not require large tracts of land so that it can be easily done at home during new normal.

All equipment for planting with the hydroponic method is now widely sold, can be online or come directly to the store of agricultural equipment. Dekkers can use the hydroponic method to grow a variety of vegetables, such as water spinach, mustard greens, chili, shallots, to celery.

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The following is an explanation, for those of you who are not familiar with hydroponics:

1. Understanding
Quoted from the book 'Growing Hydroponics for Beginners' by Puput Alviani, hydroponics comes from the Greek word, which is hydro which means water and ponos which means power.

So in general, hydroponics is cultivation without using the land. However, utilizing water and more emphasis on fulfilling planting nutrition.

2. Advantages
There are various benefits that can be obtained by growing hydroponics. First, users can allow planting without soil, then this method can also make used items at home more useful.

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Furthermore, plants or vegetables that are planted hydroponically will be more hygienic compared to ordinary planting. Finally, plant growth will be much faster than ordinary planting.

3. Ways
One way to grow hydroponics is a used bottle. This method is also known as the wick system and can grow vegetables, such as mustard greens, kale, and spinach.

First, prepare a used bottle that is still suitable for use. Then, cut the bottle into two parts. Punch the bottle cap using a puncture. Next, join the two halves of the bottle that have been cut, only the top is faced down.

Attach the wick or can use flannel cloth on the lid that has been perforated earlier. Make sure that position can make the nutrient water flow and absorb it into the plants. Put plant seeds on the top of the bottle with enough soil.

The bottom of the bottle is filled with nutritional water. The closer the water is to the seed, the more nutrients can be absorbed by plants. Have a try on how to grow hydroponics!

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