Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Bengkalis General Election Supervisory Board Activates Sub-District Supervisors and Internal Security Officers


Head of the Bawaslu Supervision Division, UsmanHead of the Bawaslu Supervision Division, Usman - Usman as the Head of the Supervisory Division (Bawaslu) of Bengkalis Regency said that the organizers of the Adhok body including the Sub-District Superintendent and Internal Security Officers had reactivated according to the instructions of the Election Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Indonesia no later than before June 15 and had to work in accordance with the provisions.

"The decree has been submitted to the Sub-District Superintendent and the Sub-District Superintendent who has the right to reactivate the instructions for the Internal Security Officer," Usman said, Monday, June 15, 2020 yesterday evening.

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According to him, the General Election Commission which was previously a member of the Voting Committee was postponed to be appointed maximum today (yesterday) was inaugurated.

Bawaslu can already work in the field to oversee political activities even though the current conditions are not normal. "Today's elections are different so they have to adjust to the Postponement of the Obligation of Debt Payment to the conditions of Covid-19 and wait for the rules of operation in the conditions of Covid-19," said Usman again.

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