Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

M Adil: New Normal in Riau Just Follow Other Provinces


(Muhammad Adil)(Muhammad Adil) -

Member of Riau Council Commission V M. Adil highlighted the realization of the implementation of new normal or new life arrangements in Riau province amid the co-pandemic 19. He considered that the implementation of new normal Riau was no different and instead was the same as large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), which was limited to Joining - Follow what other provinces are doing.

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As stated by Adil to Riau24. com. Tuesday, June 16, 2020. "Riau is actually just following, when another undergo new normal we follow, when another undergo PSBB we follow PSBB," Adil said.

Adil continue, Fair new normal, PSBB does not need to be done in Riau province. The governor of Riau is appealing to the community to run clean lifestyles, such as washing hands, wearing masks and other things.

"That is enough, it doesn't need new normal, PSBB and so on," he explained.

In addition, this PKB politician also asked the government to be more intensive in disseminating understanding to the public. Because until now there are still many people do not wear masks because of the lack of understanding of the new normal by the community.

"I also questioned that co-19 assistance to all regions in Riau province had been distributed or not distributed by the government, because now is new normal era," he explained.

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