Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Here is the Latest Update on Covid-19 Case in Riau


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Had received the addition of a positive patient Covid-19, today, on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Riau noted zero addition of the virus originating from China.

The Covid-19 Handling Spokesperson Spokesman, Dr. Indra Yovi, said that for the positive total of Covid-19 in Riau there were 126 positive cases.

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"9 of them are still being treated, 111 are healthy and have been discharged and 6 have died," he said in a release statement.

As for patients under surveillance (PDP) to date there are 1,655 people. The details, 69 patients were still being treated, PDP negative covid-19 and were discharged amounted to 1,416 people, and PDP died totaling 170 people.

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Whereas for monitoring people (ODP) there were 3,532 people in monitoring, ODP had completed 70,533 people.

"In addition, to this day the Biomolecular Laboratory of Arifin Achmad Regional Hospital has examined 4867 specimens," said Dr. Yovi.

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