Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Trump Will Share COVID-19 Vaccine Free to Residents Who Are Not Able, But ...


A lab technician extracts a portion of a COVID-19 vaccine.A lab technician extracts a portion of a COVID-19 vaccine. - The US government, reportedly will provide a vaccine against coronavirus infection for free to every vulnerable American who wants it and can't afford it, according to senior administration officials.

The Trump Administration has collaborated with the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate the development of immunizations against COVID-19.

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However, the success of the Covid-19 vaccine cannot be guaranteed. They say that every step has been taken to maximize the probability that research will be completed and, if a vaccine is found, sufficient supplies will be available to start immunizing Americans.

Officials have also discussed with commercial health insurance firms about how new immunizations will be covered, they said. Insurers plan not to ask members to pay co-pay fees for the coronavirus vaccine, officials said.

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