Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Fabulous! Not Made of Regular Fabric, This Corona Mask Is Made of Rare Material


Anticorona masks made of goldAnticorona masks made of gold - The coronavirus pandemic has infected around 8 million people worldwide. Health institutions such as the World Health Organization recommend the use of masks to protect against the spread of COVID-19, the presence of air-filtering devices has become ubiquitous.

But slowly, the mask style underwent evolution. Starting with embroidery masks, designer masks by world-famous brands, and DIY efforts to process fabrics at home.

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Then came the mask and the groom who was aware of the mask style and decided to wear it for their wedding; clothes that fit this - there are functions and fashions.

Now, mask makers go further with face shields made of gold. Made with intricate designs, this mask was first peddled by a well-known jewelry brand in Hyderabad - only for drawing flakes; it might look fashion forward but it's considered impossible to actually do the work that was built for it - acting as a filter.

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