Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

The Story of Beautiful Russian Models That Are Often Terrified By Dating And Married To Brazilian Football Players


Ekaterina Dorozhko and Luiz Adriano Ekaterina Dorozhko and Luiz Adriano - A beautiful Russian model, Ekaterina Dorozhko was reviled for having a relationship with a black Brazilian footballer, Luiz Adriano. In addition to verbal abuse, Ekaterina also received death threats.

They started having an affair when Adriano played for the Russian club Spartak Moscow in January 2017. After getting married in 2019, the two decided to move to Brazil because Adriano joined Palmeiras.

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In Samba State, Ekaterina often gets ridicule, even death threats. She then poured out her feelings on social media Instagram.

"They said they wanted to find and beat just because I married a black man. I was lucky because I have nerves of steel. I didn't really think about that, "she said.

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Ekaterina's unease is hearing the news of a black US man, George Floyd, dying of breath due to being crushed by a police knee in the City of Minneapolis. She is concerned because racist cases are still rife in the world.

"It hurts my heart to see what is happening in the world. I thank my parents for my education and view of the world. I never distinguish people from skin color, hair, or status. For me, we are all the same. Half of my family are black and I love them very much, "Ekaterina wrote.

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