Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Cool! Israeli Researchers Discover Technology-Based Masks That Can Kill Corona Virus


IllustrationIllustration - Recently researchers in Israel said it had found a mouth and face mask that could be reused.

However, the mask is not an ordinary mask. The mask is claimed to kill the coronavirus with heat that comes from a cell phone battery charger.

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Later, when disinfecting to kill the virus using a cell phone charger, it takes 30 minutes. During the process, users cannot use the mask, said Professor Yair Ein-Eli, who led the research team at Technion University in Haifa as reported by the Asiaone website.

It turns out that the new mouth and nose mask has a USB port that connects to a power source like a standard cell phone charger, which will heat the inner layer of carbon fiber up to 70 degrees celsius. Which is the hot temperature high enough to kill the virus?

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The mask looks like a standard N95 face mask, with a valve on the front and rubber to hold it around the head. The researchers filed patents for masks in the United States at the end of March and said they were discussing product commercialization with the private sector.

Later when it has been licensed and sold in the market. The mask is likely to be sold at a price of 1 dollar or the equivalent of IDR 14,245. The price of the mask is above the price of disposable face masks, the researchers said.

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