Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Press Release Disclosure of 14 Kilograms of Dried Marijuana


Press RealeasePress Realease - Bengkalis Resort Police held a press release of 14 kilograms of dried marijuana drug disclosure, on the Bengkalis Mapolres Agricultural Road page, led by Bengkalis Resort Police Deputy Chief Police Commissioner Roni Syahendra and attended by Daily Executive Regent Bengkalis Bustami HY along with other invited guests.

The team started to get information from the public that there would be a large number of Narcotics Transactions for Marijuana Leaves in the waters around the Bengkalis Strait between the villages of Sei-Selari-Bukit Batu.

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Police Commissioner Roni Syahendra said that the arrest of narcotics of this type of dried marijuana by 5 suspects Saturday, June 20, 2020, at 11:30 West Indonesia Time at the TKP in the project port of the Bad Bakul Village Subdistrict, Bukit batu Bengkalis Regency by the Narcotics Unit combined Bengkalis Customs and Satpol Air .

"The five suspects are residents from the city of Pekanbaru who are drug couriers including GO (24), AA (23), SN (22), IE (23) and M. AJ (20)" said Police Commissioner Roni.

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