Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Kasmarni-Bagus Santoso Ready for Elections Bengkalis


Submission of Kasmarni-Bagus supportSubmission of Kasmarni-Bagus support - The National Mandate Party dropped its recommendations known through the handover of the recommendation file from the Chairman of the Central Board of the National Mandate Party center H Zulkifli Hasan recently.

Kasmarni-Bagus Santoso advanced in the Bengkalis Regional Head Election 2020 was already unanimous.

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The Crescent Star Party from the beginning submitted recommendations. This condition certainly gives the opportunity Kasmarni-BS pair in the Bengkalis Regional Head Election through the support of 10 seats.

The Chairperson of the Bengkalis District National Mandate Party's Regional Leadership Council, Syaukani Alkarim, when contacted via WhatsApp, confirmed this, but Syaukani still did not want to convey details regarding the support of the National Mandate Party to Kasmarni-BS.

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