Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Unlike Other Mothers, Mulan Jameela Has Ever Rejected the Proposal of Hamengku Buwono IX's Children for Her Daughter


Mulan Jameela, Ahmad Dhani dan TyaraniMulan Jameela, Ahmad Dhani dan Tyarani - Who does not know the great musician Ahmad Dhani, in an uploaded video on YouTube, the husband of Mulan Jameela tells about the figure of his connected child.

Having a new life after marrying Mulan Jameela, the controversial couple has been blessed with 2 children, Safeea and Aerlangga.

Not only his two children, before formalizing their relationship, but both Mulan and Ahmad Dhani also had children as a result of their previous marriages, Daffi Nugraha and Tyarani Savitri Nugraha.

Unlike his siblings, Al, El, and Dul, Mulan Jameela's child are rarely heard by the public.

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Ahmad Dhani said that Tiara was a unique child, she chose not to be famous her his siblings or mother.

The husband of Mulan Jameela also told an interesting story that happened to her child when she was 15 years old.

Ahmad Dhani revealed that the princess had been married to by one of the Javanese royal family.

"When she was 15 years old she was proposed by the son of the King of Java, the son of Hamengku Buwono IX, his younger brother Hamengku Buwono X. Already spoken seriously, to me and to Mulan.

However, on the same occasion, Ahmad Dhani revealed that they did not accept the application.

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He also praised his wife, because unlike most other mothers, who dared to reject proposals from the Javanese kingdom.

Instead, Ahmad Dhani had thought of wanting to match Tiara with his youngest child with Maia Estianti namely Dul Jaelani, but Ahmad Dhani revealed that his daughter had a pair of lovers.

Being a connected father figure who is close to his children, Ahmad Dhani revealed that Tiara is a good child because of a good bloodline.

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