Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Get a Nude Photo Without Any Single Clothes in the Body, a Husband in Bali Reported to the Police


IllustrationIllustration - The story of the affair of a wife in Bali is known by her husband with the initials NY (46) in a way that could be considered unusual. The husband found out his wife was cheating on a viral photo that was exciting.

The viral exciting photo shows the figure of the wife who was not wearing any single clothes. The thing that more surprising is that exciting photos are spread by the affair of his wife.

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The husband then decided to report the affair of his wife to the Buleleng Police Station. NY wife's affair is known to be an employee of the People's Credit Institute (LPD) Pangkungparuk Village, Seririt, Buleleng.

Until the Buleleng Police Station was still conducting an investigation.

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