Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Even though It's already New Normal, People are Expected to Remain Vigilant with 3 Areas that are Prone to Transmit the Coronavirus


IllustrationIllustration - Government spokesman in handling COVID-19, Dr. Achmad Yurianto, said that several places have the potential to become a center for the spread of the Coronavirus, especially if they do not carry out health protocols in the area.

The places mentioned are vulnerable to the risk of transmission because they are a gathering place for many people at one time. Here is a place that has the potential to become a center for Corona distribution, as mentioned by Yuri.

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1. Office space
In the new normal era, several companies began implementing work from the office and ending work from home (WFH). But explained by Dr. Yuri, the thing that must be observed is about filling space with the number of people to make sure every worker in the office can keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Besides regulating ventilation and air circulation becomes important. The use of air conditioners should not be used all the time. Maybe starting at a certain hour and strived every day the air is replaced with fresh air from outside.

2. Restaurant
Restaurants tend to be at risk from Coronavirus transmission. The underlying thing is that some people usually tend to linger in eating places, causing buildup.

There is room capacity that must be limited, usually, the application of keeping the distance is not optimal so that some visitors do not obey the rules of physical distancing.

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3. Mass transportation facilities
Public transportation is also a high-risk area for Coronavirus transmission. The government is said to have anticipated the buildup of passengers in mass transportation modes by dividing the burden on passengers.

One way to unravel the mass on public transportation is to divide working hours into two waves.

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