Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Unique! The Story of Jordan's Chef Prevents Corona Virus by Making Mask from Eggplant Skin


Unique corona anti-virus mask, made from eggplantsUnique corona anti-virus mask, made from eggplants - Prevent transmission of a new type of corona virus or COVID-19. A Jordanian chef has created a new way to create facial masks that come from leftovers.

Is Omar Sartawi, a reliable chef who does not want to get rid of the leftovers from food including eggplant skin. With his creation, Omar also succeeded in creating a mask covering the nose and mouth of the eggplant skin.

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Quoted from page, Saturday, June 26, 2020, Omar processed pieces of eggplant skin with a large sprinkling of salt. This makes eggplant skin textured like leather that is commonly used in fashion products such as bags, jackets, to pants.

It did not take long after the eggplant skin had the desired texture, Omar helped each end. There, Omar hooked a rope to perfect it.

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Interested in Omar masks made by Jordanian designers, Princess Nejla Asem and Salam Dajani added the aesthetic side of the design as soon as Omar perfected the process.

Eggplant skin and even then sewn together using cotton yarn to make it durable. The skin becomes stronger, but it is still comfortable enough to breathe on the face.

Expectations from this creation, Omar hopes that the corona virus will not be more widespread. At the same time, he also wants to help reduce food waste such as eggplant skin.

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