Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Inspirational; Treat Depression, This Chinese Peasant Couple Has a Unique Way of Being


Peng and Fan dance in the meadowPeng and Fan dance in the meadow - Ms. Peng Xiao Ying, 45, and her 49-year-old husband, Fan De Duo, are farmers from Rui An, Zhejiang province in China. Recently, they became viral on social media for the shuffle dance they have made.

The couple uploaded their dance video on the famous video sharing platform DouYin, the Chinese partner for Tiktok, while the Covid-19 battle was taking place in China.

Their cute and funny dance steps bring joy and happiness to millions of people, especially people in China, and have since attracted more than 1.6 million customers.

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From dancing in front of their farm to dancing in the pasture with cows and goats, many rural locations have become their stage performances.

"Every time we go down, shuffle dance always helps to cheer us up and lighten our mood." This is very uplifting in our lives, "said Peng, according to Asiaone.

Investigate a calibration turns out, there is a disappointing story behind their cheerful smile.

After a severe traffic accident, her husband, Fan became very chronic. Depression makes him nervous and irritable and gives him insomnia. The couple then decided to close their business in Yun Nan and return to Rui An, in Zhejiang province.

To improve her husband's mood, Ms. Peng decided to ask him to join her dance. He used to be a big fan of square dances.

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His depression recovered, and he has been obsessed with dancing with his wife ever since.

Now, Peng and Fan want to bring positive energy to the community. She never left her husband even though she was depressed, as the Chinese saying goes, "If you don't leave me, I will never leave you in life and death." Their relationship is amazing to many people.

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