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Too Enthusiastic on the First Night of Honewymoon, Accidentally This Chinese Man Almost Killed His Wife, How come?


Illustration of newly married coupleIllustration of newly married couple - Launching the China Press on Monday (24 June 2019), the story of the first night of the bride must turn into sorrow because of this man's carelessness.

After marriage, the couple from Hunan, China could not wait to do the 'ritual' the first night, they immediately went to the bridal chamber.

Then, the bridegroom kisses the woman's neck.

But immediately the woman turned pale, her body weak, her heartbeat weakened until she died.

According to the Health Times, the bridal couple from Lengshuijiang City, Hunan, China kissed brutally.

He kisses her woman's neck and makes her heartbeat stop and difficulty breathing.

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After the incident, the bridegroom immediately took his partner to the Chengdu Hospital, for treatment.

After that, the doctor diagnosed, that the man pressed the carotid sinus lock on the neck of the bride while kissing.

The pressure is too high, depressing the bride's heart, and her reaction causes a sudden heart attack.

Carotid sinuses are on both sides of the neck, about 5 to 6 cm from the larynx.

Liu Jiangxiong, director of the Cardiovascular Medicine Department at the hospital explained that the two main receptors which regulate blood pressure and heart rate are located in the carotid sinus and kidney.

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Liu Jianxiong said that if the place was pressed or placed too tight tie, it might compress the carotid sinuses, could cause fainting, heart attacks to death.

In this case people die due to kissing the neck is rare but to avoid the worst possible, people need to understand that

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