Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Despite Its Mount of Wealth, Nagita Slavina Turns Out Also to Waste Shampoo Wanting to Run Out with Water


Nagita SlavinaNagita Slavina - It's no secret that Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad are among the richest celebrities in the country.

The success of Nagita Slavina and her husband in the entertainment world turned out to be comparable to the business octopus he was running.

The profits generated by Nagita Slvaina and Raffi Ahmad per year are no joke.

Launching the Central Java Tribune, once performing, Raffi Ahmad reportedly could pocket a fee of IDR 30 million to IDR 1.9 billion.

However, recently Nagita Slavina's habits seemed like ordinary people.

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Nagita Slavina, known as the wife of 'Sultan Andara', apparently also added water to the items that would be used up.

Nagita Slavina or who is familiarly called Gigi seems to make a dish for Ussy Sulistiawaty who is craving her cooking.

Raffi Ahmad's wife who is proficient in cooking then makes crazy rice for Ussy.

In the middle of cooking, Gigi seems to add various spices ranging from fish sauce, sweet soy sauce to oyster sauce.

When he was about to pour oyster sauce, it turned out that the sauce was almost gone.

"Bi wants hot water please," Gigi said as she entered another room.

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After leaving the room, Gigi brought oyster sauce that was almost completely filled with hot water.

"It's called mothers, I want to finish it again, okay," Gigi said while pouring oyster sauce into the pan.

Ussy who knows that, immediately remembers a childhood incident.

"So remember the little age shampoo, if you already want to be given water," said Ussy.

Nagita Slavina also seemed to say yes to Ussy's words.

Suddenly, Ussy Sulistiawaty's husband seemed surprised by what Gigi did.

"Crazy a Gigi is still so you know," said Andhika Pratama.

"Yes, yes sir, dear," Gigi replied while cooking.

Sometimes there are people who talk like this, if Raffi's family and Gigi, for example, after the shampoo is still filled with water or not, isn't it?

"Fill! I'm really lazy if I'm in the middle of a shower, I'm really resentful," Gigi answered.

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