Monday, 06 Jul 2020

Lessons For Netizens; His Tongue Came Out All the Time, This Man was Thought to be Possessed and was not Taken to the Hospital, Apparently This is What Happen


IllustrationIllustration - On social media viral the story of a netizen who faces a man unconscious, is said to be possessed. Twitter user @innamisme claimed to deliberately meet the man who is a neighbor because of curiosity.

The man was called possessed because his tongue kept coming out and not clearly speaking.

"There was a neighbor who said that he was possessed, from last night I was not aware. I was curious to see that it was a sign of a stroke. Going back to the house to take tension, it was true that the tension was 210/150. Now at the Hamdallah Hospital," Inna wrote in Twitter on Friday (26 June 2020) then.

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The next day Inna added the news that he had finally died.

Inna's upload got a lot of comments and reactions from other netizens. Some of them offered their condolences, but some also regretted why the family did not immediately bring the man to the doctor.

"How can you tolerate it because of being suspected of being possessed," commented a Twitter user.

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Inna claimed to deliberately share the story so that it becomes a lesson for other netizens. "For the sake of goodness and education to the community," he said on AFP, as written on Monday (29 June 2020).

Cardiologist and blood vessel specialist Dr. Vito A. Damay, SpJP (K), MKes, FIHA, FICA, FAsCC, from Siloam Hospital Lippo Village explained that indeed not everyone understood the signs of a stroke. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic situation made some people think twice about visiting health facilities for fear of being infected with the Coronavirus.

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