Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Sophisticated! Japanese Startups Make Masks Like Robots to Face New Normal


Smart mask made in JapanSmart mask made in Japan - Masks have become a daily necessity for activities in the new normal era. A Japanese startup even developed a smart mask that has many functions.

Donut Robotics develops smart masks that connect to cellphones or tablets using Bluetooth. The mask, named 'c-mask', is not used alone but is placed above a regular mask.

Quoted from Reuters on Monday (29 June 2020) this mask can be operated using an application installed on a cellphone or tablet. This mask has many functions such as turning speech into text messages or making phone calls.

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This mask can also translate Japanese into eight other languages. But this translator feature can only be used by paying a subscription fee.

This translator feature was originally developed by Donut Robotics for robot guides and translators which they developed for Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Once the Corona virus broke out, they thought of what products could be developed so that the company could survive in the middle of a pandemic.

Another interesting feature of c-mask is its ability to output the user's voice from the speaker phone to make it sound louder. This feature is certainly useful for those who have difficulty hearing someone talking behind a mask.

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Donut Robotics sells this smart mask at a price of USD 40 per piece. They will start selling 5,000 mask stocks in Japan in September.

Consumers in other countries must be patient if you want to use this mask, but Ono is already interested in selling it in China, the United States, and Europe.

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