Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

These Are Rules for Restaurants When Reopening


These Are Rules for Restaurants When ReopeningThese Are Rules for Restaurants When Reopening - From plastic table barriers to mannequins in every other booth, restaurants are adopting new procedures as they reopen for business. 

After months of uncertainty, shelter-in-place and lockdown orders have begun to ease up, giving businesses the chance to revive. But governments continue to encourage social distancing and other safe practices, which has forced restaurants to find unique ways to keep customers separate and safe.

Here’s a look at how some restaurants around the world are changing with the times.

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  • Athens: A waitress wears a floral mask and pink gloves that match her outfit as she serves diners at a thematic outdoor cafe.
  • Berlin: Restaurant manager Falco Muehlichen and Antonia, a waitress, demonstrate how to measure the distance between tables with hand-meter during preparations for reopening the Wine Bar Rutz
  • Paris: A chef speaks with customers in the mask as bars and restaurants reopen 
  • Marseille, France: Diners apply hand sanitizer provided by staff. A waitress offers menus, an appetizer and hand sanitizer at a seafood restaurant

Middle East

  • Istanbul: Mannequins sit at tables to enforce social distancing rules at a cafe. A customer dines as a mannequin at the adjacent table prevents others from occupying the seat behind her, at the Varuna Gezgin cafe
  • Tel Aviv: A customer has his temperature taken at the entrance to Mabrouk
  • Bangkok: People eating at a street restaurant are separated by plastic dividers in Bangkok's Chinatown. Diners sit next to cardboard dragons, shaped after the restaurant's mascot, at Bar-B-Q Plaza
  • Beijing: A cook wears a protective mask as he works in a restaurant
  • Shanghai: Servers wear face masks at a nightclub
  • Tokyo: Diners toast past a plastic protector at Kichiri. Customers decide what to eat as cheerleader mannequins enforce social distancing rules at a restaurant

Buenos Aires

  • Argentine chef Leo Lanussol, who owns Proper, writes prices on the wines at Gran Dabbang. He made a partnership with the owner of Gran Dabbang to continue working during the pandemic.

New Orleans, United States

  • A woman takes a sip from her glass without taking her mask off during dinner at Galatoire's Restaurant
  • Vancouver: A server wears a face mask and keeps his distance as he passes coffee to a customer. Diners sit between plexiglass barriers on a restaurant's patio.

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