Monday, 06 Jul 2020

A Mysterious Group of People Who Claimed 'Police' Persecution 2 Residents of Midnight Bandung


IllustrationIllustration - Two Bandung residents were victims of the persecution of a group of unknown people. In the action, a group of people went berserk while claiming to be police.

The incident occurred on Jalan Terusan Cibogo, Sukawarna Village, Sukajadi District, Bandung City, Sunday (6/28) morning, at 01.30 West Indonesia Time. There are seven alleged perpetrators of the attack.

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"The perpetrator came to the house or crime scene and knocked on the door saying 'open me police'. After opening, the perpetrator hit using a bottle at the victim," said Head of Public Relations Subdivision Bandung Police AKP Rahayu Mustikaningsih in his statement.

In addition to using bottles, Rahayu said the perpetrators were also suspected of torturing using sharp weapons.

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There were two male and female victims in the incident. Both of them have now been taken to Adventist Hospital for medical treatment.

"Male victims were injured in the neck hit by sharp machetes. While women were in the right mouth," he said.

The police are currently still pursuing the perpetrators. Because, after persecuting, the perpetrators immediately fled. The police suspect the attack because of drunkenness.

"(Allegedly) drunk. The perpetrators are currently in the process of searching," said Rahayu.

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