Monday, 06 Jul 2020

The Story of the Largest Drug Dealer in Singapore Who Asks to Be Photographed Before Being Sentenced to Beheaded, His Purpose Is Very Noble


Prabu convicted dead of drugs in the State of SingaporePrabu convicted dead of drugs in the State of Singapore - Prabu Pathmanathan (31), a drug dealer from Malaysia delivered his last request before he was executed in the Singapore Court.

Prabu Pathmanathan's last request was somewhat unusual.

How not, to one of his friends, he wanted his last photo widely distributed.

Although it sounds strange, King has a noble purpose behind it.

With the photo, Prabu hopes that it can make people aware, so they never try illegal drugs.

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In the photo, Prabu, wearing a blue shirt, smiled.

His head was wrapped in white cloth.

In addition, he also appeared to hold the religious book Bhagavad Gita and a book about Sai Satcharitra, the figure of a saint in India.

After undergoing this photo session, Prabu was sentenced to beheading.

As mentioned earlier, in Singapore, the last photo session of the defendants died became a 'tradition'.

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The death defendants are allowed to take the last photo in whatever clothes they choose.

Prabu, was sentenced to death after being proven guilty of circulating 227.82 grams of heroin into Singapore, on December 31, 2014.

Prabu's lawyer, N Surendran, insisted the death sentence for Prabu was not based on sufficient justice.

He also deplored the short announcement of the day of execution, which was only discovered by Prabu's family a week before H.

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