Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Appearing at the Circumcision Program, Rhoma Irama Made the Bogor Regent disappointed


Rhoma Irama  when performingRhoma Irama when performing - Even though it has been banned, Rhythm of the Rhoma Irama still sang a few songs at a circumcision event in Bogor. Bogor Regent Ade Yasin vented his anger and disappointment.

Initially, a viral video on social media when Rhoma Irama's was singing to cheer the community in Pamijahan, Bogor Regency. Pamijahan Subdistrict stated that Rhoma Irama sang not in the context of holding a concert.

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Head of the Peace and Order Section of Pamijahan District, Hari Prihartono said Rhoma Irama was an invited guest at the circumcision event. He mentioned that Rhoma Irama was asked to sing a song by the owner of the event.

Abah Surya, as the event owner is fully committed to implementing the COVID-19 health protocol. This, said Hari, was conveyed by Abah Surya to Muspika Pamijahan.

However, when there was a crowd of residents, Abah Surya and the team were unable to escort all residents in accordance with the protocol.

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In response, Bogor Regent Ade Yasin claimed to be angry and disappointed.

According to Ade, his anger was not without reason because the Team for the Acceleration and Handling of the Bogor District COVID-19 had already informed that the event was banned.

In addition, he continued, a circular about the ban on holding events had also been given to those who would invite Rhoma Irama.

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