Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Tense and Sad; This Wedding Reception Became Hectic When the Ex-Girlfriend of the Groom Raged


A tumultuous wedding video when a bride's ex-girlfriend went berserkA tumultuous wedding video when a bride's ex-girlfriend went berserk - Coming to your ex-boyfriend's wedding reception does require great determination and guts.

Not only threatened to tear old wounds that have not healed, but attend the wedding of a former girlfriend also increases the likelihood of a commotion.

That is why there are unwritten rules not to invite ex-girlfriends at a wedding reception.

But apparently, these rules do not apply to this figure.

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In this viral video, the quarrel between the woman and the bridegroom has to be separated by invited guests.

Although not yet known the identity and location of the incident took place, this video is busily flooded with comments from netizens.

How not, the woman in the video raged at someone else's wedding to beat the bridegroom in a barrage.

Initially, the wedding took place smoothly as in general.

There was no commotion or problem that disturbed the event.

Until finally a woman in a red dress appeared to be in the line of guests who would greet the bride and groom.

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When the line reaches the bride, the woman in red suddenly attacks the bridegroom.

He raged and beat the man's body many times while crying.

The groom who was beaten instead of avoiding the attack, instead received the blow as if he deserved to be beaten.

Not only that, the bridegroom even seemed to cry along with the woman in the red shirt.

The incident certainly horrendous other party guests.

The woman's tantrum in red looks even more intense, finally some invited guests intervened to separate the two.

After being separated the bridegroom looked bowed crying.

The woman in red raging was hugged by several invited guests and calmed down so that she was no longer angry.

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