Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Although Married Rich And was Given 100 Million Money a Monch, This Woman Asked For Divorce After 1 Year of Marriage


Although married to a rich person, this Chinese girl is not happyAlthough married to a rich person, this Chinese girl is not happy - A 23-year-old girl is very lucky after marrying a rich man from Dubai.

The 58-year-old husband gives a super luxurious life. Reporting from C0C01.Net, the girl was given hundreds of millions of money every month

Her husband's family has a natural gas business, so since she married her husband. This is what makes her husband very rich.

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In addition to money, the woman is also given a luxury car and a very stately home. Many people are jealous of the life of a woman who is very happy and happy. But who would have thought, behind that? The woman instead has to follow all the rules given by her husband.

Especially in following the customs of the Dubai people, even in very hot weather. He was required to wear a long robe and covered. While he himself came from China, at first she suffered greatly, but over time he was accustomed to dressing like that.

Her husband then insisted that she could give birth to children in large numbers. 1 year later the girl from China was unable to withstand the pressure. Then she uploaded her life story on social media. The netizens felt the bitterness he felt.

New year's eve the girl must attend to the guests who come while she is still not fully accustomed to their customs.

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But because he has become a foreign bride or not, he still has to smile. Some netizens gave some advice, finally, he decided to divorce her husband.

The most important learning here, despite living in luxury. Happiness will not always be there if the person is not happy.

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