Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

When Spraying During a Demo, Former Albuquerque City Council Candidate is Secured by Police


Steven Baca when he was secured by the policeSteven Baca when he was secured by the police - This was a shocking moment when a protester was shot and left in critical condition during violent clashes between armed militias and demonstrators who tried to knock down a statue of a conquistador in New Mexico.

In a videotape obtained exclusively by, former Albuquerque city council candidate Steven Baca was seen allegedly firing four shots at demonstrators Scott Williams during a wild fight on Monday night.

Police officers in Albuquerque arrested Baca, 31, shortly after the incident, and accused him of shooting Williams.

Williams has sought to erase the statue of 'La Jornada', which depicts 16th-century Spanish colonial governors who were famous for slaughtering the natives when a fight broke out.

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In the video, Baca was seen allegedly drawing a gun after he was chased by a group of protesters and pushed to the ground at around 8 pm

Baca, wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt, was wrestling on the ground by two protesters, one woman, before fellow demonstrator, Williams ran in and picked up a skateboard that hit Read hard on his head.

Read, retreating from the attack on his head, pulling his weapon and firing Williams four times, hitting him in the body, the tape shown showed.

It seems that Williams was shot in the back and blood could be seen radiating from his wounds.

Several protesters surrounded the injured Williams, who wore a black jacket and backpack, and gave first aid while others were heard calling 911 on video.

According to a criminal complaint that cites the charges against him, Read clashed with protesters and was hit on a skateboard before he pulled out a gun and fired.

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"The heavily armed people who exhibited themselves at the protest, calling themselves" civilian guards, "were there for one reason: To threaten the protesters, to present a show without unregulated force," the governor said New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham in a statement.

Baca, the son of a former Sheriff of the Bernalillo County, failed to run for the City Council in 2019, called for soft city leadership for crime, and criticized the terms of a federal treaty that imposed restrictions on law enforcement.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller said the city would remove the statue of Juan de Oñate for 'public safety' after another colonial governor's law was passed down on Monday in Alcalde, New Mexico.

He also wrote on Twitter: 'Tonight's shooting is a tragic, outrageous and unacceptable act of violence and there is no place in our city. Our diverse community will not be hindered by actions intended to divide or silence us. '

Oñate was seen by some as a hero who led the Span occupation

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