Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

The National Family Day in Level Riau Province 27th the Momentum to Realize a Quality Family


Video Conference in the Siak Bandar Room, Second Floor of the Siak Regent Office.Video Conference in the Siak Bandar Room, Second Floor of the Siak Regent Office. - The Siak Regency Government commemorates the 27th National Family Day in the Province of Riau in 2020 with the theme 'Unite Motion in Building Quality Families' through a Video Conference in the Siak Bandar Room, Second Floor of the Siak Regent Office.

Acting Regional Secretary of Siak Regency Jamaludin together with Head of the Office of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Control of Population and Family Planning of Siak Darussalim Regency and Head of Pengakak Pengerak of Family Welfare Empowerment of Siak Regency Rasidah Alfedri along with members joined the event through a video conference with the Governor of Riau accompanied by the Acting Head of the Representative Body Representative Riau Province National Population and Family Planning Sri Wahyuni, Regents and Mayors of Riau Province, Head of the Office of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection of Riau Province Population and Family Planning Control T Hidayati Effiza, Chairperson of the Riau Province Family Welfare Empowerment Empowerment Team Misnarni Syamsuar, Regional Secretariat Riau Province Yan Prana Jaya, and Chairman of the Riau Provincial Regional Organization.

Starting with remarks by the Governor of Riau Syamsuar who conveyed, this year's National Family Day was commemorated amidst the anxiety situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus providing a different atmosphere, behind the difficulties in this pandemic turned out to provide space between family members to get to know each other better.

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"Concentration of daily activities at home causes the attitude of family members who have not been noticed will appear, but without good communication this can trigger disputes between family members. Therefore this pandemic wisdom becomes an opportunity and opportunity for families to improve the dynamics happened "he said.

Syamsuar continued, it was important for all to make this national family day moment a momentum to inspire family awareness in creating a comfortable, safe and conducive environment.

"In strengthening family resilience by implementing 4 approaches to resilience, namely, First, families gather. Second, families interact. Third, families are empowered. Fourth, families care and share" he explained.

The Acting Secretary of the Siak Regency Jamaludin in his direction said, the Governor conveyed the theme of the 27th National Family Day was, unite the movement in building a quality family. With Indonesia's large population of over 267 million, it is required to create a quality family.

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"So, don't only have a lot of numbers but not quality, because in the future we have to compete with neighboring countries so that we can exist to work and compete with foreign countries. Otherwise, we will only be spectators at home, with a number of rich potentials but not quality is useless, that is the goal of this year's National Family Day "he said.

With that theme, he continued, of course we must program Family Planning participant activities that have been targeted by the center, and this year 1 million new Family Planning participants. For Siak Regency, we have a 1778 allocation for the new Family Planning sector, and this has been divided up in each sub-district by an average of 77 people in 1 sub-district, except for districts with large populations such as Tualang and Perawang, of course they are bigger.

"Regarding family planning services, we will carry out family planning officers / family planning field officers. In the field, there are 21 people they will look for prospective acceptors, then later we will collaborate with the Health Office, especially in health centers and health centers, and here the service will be carried out. Siak community's interest in family planning is still quite high, because most of the people already know the benefits of family planning itself, "he concluded. (Adv)

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