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Today Horoscope 1 July 2020


1 July Horoscope1 July Horoscope - Today Horoscope


JUL 1, 2020: A recent scare regarding your health could prove to be nothing, but you shouldn't take the good news as an endorsement of the way you've been choosing (or not) to exercise. Getting up and going isn't as hard as you think. It just starts with one baby step. Skip the ice cream and donuts once in a while, opt for fat-free milk in your coffee, and try taking the stairs a few times a week. Little changes can create results and eventually transform your life.


JUL 1, 2020: If group dynamics are getting a bit fuzzy today, it's a good time for you to throw your weight around. Because you have facts and logic on your side, you'll be able to get more attention than the people who are leveraging fear, envy, and other small-minded emotions. Appeal to the best in people, and they'll show you the best they have to offer. Today is a day when you will be reminded of how wonderful the people in your life truly are.


JUL 1, 2020: The correspondence between you and someone else is getting a lot more complicated. The two of you are working under some assumptions, and they need to be either confirmed or debunked before things go any further. And the only way you can do that is to speak with them in real time and get them to answer the questions that they've been avoiding. You need to come clean a little bit, too, so set a date and time!


JUL 1, 2020: Your life is made up of many intricate details that are starting to add up to something unique today. But you'll only be able to get a sense of what the future holds if you step back and give yourself space from the people who are demanding so much of your time. They're distracting you from putting yourself first, so you need isolation in order to gain clarity right now. Things will fall into place and the overall picture will be beautiful and innovative when the time is right.


JUL 1, 2020: When someone reaches out to you today, stifle your shy, introverted side and reach back. Smile and try to be open about how you feel. Even if you're caught off guard by all the friendliness, just try to relax and go with it. People find you very approachable, and you should get used to the unexpected. Start making small efforts to react more warmly and receptively. These tiny moves will be recognized and appreciated.


JUL 1, 2020: Are you growing impatient with someone? If you feel that by this point certain milestones should have been achieved but haven't, today is the day to speak up. Chances are this person is completely unaware of your frustration. Step outside of yourself and realize that all your internal dialogue is silent—no one else can hear it unless you voice it. Have the courage to speak your mind and try to speed them along. They're more willing than you realize.


JUL 1, 2020: If you''re stuck in planning mode today, make it a group effort. Getting a consensus on dates, locations, and agenda items will make everyone feel a part of the bigger picture, and it will set a much more positive tone for your upcoming event. Other people will be able to suggest things that you hadn't considered, and they'll also think to include all the details that make a big impression. There's no question that a group effort is the best effort.


JUL 1, 2020: They say that strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. And while that usually might strike you as a tad too naive, today it's absolutely true! One of your next close buddies could cross your path today, and it's up to you to make the connection and start a conversation. Will you recognize them? Probably not, but one thing is for sure: You will recognize their sense of humor, because it is an awful lot like yours.


JUL 1, 2020: A friend who is experiencing some relationship problems could reach out for your help today. But even if you know what to do to help them, don't rush ahead and try to fix the situation. Hold off and let them deal with it on their own. There is a lesson here that they need to learn. Plus, if you get too deeply involved, you could end up being the bad guy. There are details you aren't aware of, and those issues need to be addressed without your involvement.


JUL 1, 2020: With all the uncertainty going on in your life right now, you need the comfort of home, friends, and family to keep you feeling grounded. Set aside some extended time—a long weekend, if possible—to hunker down at home. Skip the adventures right now and get back in touch with the simpler things in life. Your people would love a chance to spend more time with you. Some of your relationships could use an infusion of new energy, and the timing is perfect for that now.


JUL 1, 2020: You already know that you need to be careful in business deals, but today that's especially so. Any transaction counts in this department, so even if all you plan on doing is getting some groceries, be careful. Double-check the receipt. Mistakes happen all the time, and you could be on the wrong end of a few of them today. As long as you stay involved with what you're doing, you'll be fine.


JUL 1, 2020: Get ready to be the most popular person around, because today you'll provide the perfect input to many people's plans. You've got the advice that everyone needs to hear, and you can deliver it without being too critical. Your tact, honesty, and insight will make you the most important person they talk to. Keep your schedule loose for the day and be prepared for people to interrupt you frequently to ask for your ideas and feedback. You'll thrive in this dynamic.

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