Monday, 06 Jul 2020

US Health Officials Said Corona Virus Has Controlled the Country, Trump Becomes More Angry to China


President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump - US President Donald Trump called himself "increasingly angry with China" because of the spread of the Coronavirus. This was stated by Trump as US health officials warned that they were not in total control of the pandemic.

Trump's statements blaming China for the Corona pandemic have increased tensions between the two countries because of the ongoing trade war.

Amid the surge in Corona's new cases in the US, particularly in southern and western regions, infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci told Congress on Tuesday (30/6) local time, that everything was "going in the wrong direction," and that " obviously we are not in full control at the moment. "

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The alarming surge in new cases in the hotspots of southern Texas and Florida pushed the total new national cases each day to more than 40,000 cases per day. Fauci said these surges need to be prevented quickly to avoid dangerous surges in other places in the country.

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He also warned that new Corona cases in the US could more than double to 100,000 cases per day if the authorities and the public failed to take steps to suppress the pandemic.

In response to this, China accuses the Trump government of politicizing the Corona pandemic to deflect its own handling, with the United States which has so far recorded the highest number of fatalities and cases of infection in the world.

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