Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

A set of things necessary for going to the beach


A set of things necessary for going to the beachA set of things necessary for going to the beach - Travelers from around the world announced the list of the most necessary things for a comfortable beach holiday. So what you need to remember to bring with you to the sea - the ocean, except for a swimsuit, towels and tanning products?

One of the first proposals was to bring a backpack chair with a comfortable back to the beach, which can be used instead of a sun lounger, a further recommendation is also very unusual - a rubber spatula for applying cream on the back (for those who are going to sunbathe alone). The third tip was to get a camping cooler filled with cans of beer. There were also recommendations to take a small medical bag in case something happens to you - you will feel nauseous from overheating or cut yourself with fragments in the sand or in the water.

In order not to sunbathe, users recommended grabbing a thin neckerchief, which can cover both the shoulders and face. And in order to have a good time - balls, portable speakers and decks of playing cards.

And in order to protect things and gadgets from theft while relaxing on the beach, waterproof bags have become the most popular recommendation.

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