Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Fear of Demonstrators, These White Citizens Was Pointing Weapons to Demonstrators, Donald Trump Even Retweeted The Video


Action of white citizens who point their guns at the demonstratorsAction of white citizens who point their guns at the demonstrators - A pair of white citizens in the United States (US) brandished an assault rifle and a gun at protesters outside their home in Missouri. This action was recorded in a viral video retweeted by US President Donald Trump.

As reported by AFP on Tuesday (30 June 2020) in the video, Mark McCloskey wore a pink polo shirt and khaki pants, while his wife Patricia wore a striped T-shirt and cropped pants.

Both of them stood barefoot in their garden in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday (28 June) night when protesters lined up on a private road to demonstrate in front of the local Mayor's home.

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Mark McCloskey (63) is a lawyer like his 61-year-old wife. They told local news channels that they were "scared" when the demonstrators arrived.

"A mob of at least 100 crashed into the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place (and) rushed to my house, where my family had dinner outside and made us afraid that it would threaten our lives," he told KMOV4, a local CBS affiliate.

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"I'm afraid we will be killed in a few seconds, our house will catch fire, our pets will be killed. We are alone facing an angry mob," he continued.

Trump retweeted the video via his Twitter account, but without commenting on it. The protesters who were armed with weapons were mostly black citizens.

The video sparked outrage on social media. One of them came from a St. Louis lawyer, Kimberly Gardner, who said, "We must protect the right to protest peacefully, and any efforts to defuse it through intimidation or threats of deadly force will not be tolerated," Gardner said on Twitter.

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