Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Just Because Singing a High-pitched Song During Karaoke, the Blood Vessel in this Woman's Brain Are Broken


IllustrationIllustration - A 55-year-old woman from China almost died after a blood vessel in her brain burst while trying to sing a high note in a karaoke session.

The woman surnamed Zhang was attending a karaoke session with her family on June 5 when she tried to perform a song known as a high note, reports the Chinese newspaper, Peninsula Morning Post.

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When she tried to reach the high notes, Zhang suddenly felt a headache and blinding nausea and he began to vomit. He was immediately rushed to the Dalian City Central Hospital where a CT scan was performed.

The results showed that there were 2.5 millimeters of aneurysm rupture in a woman's brain before she underwent a two-hour emergency operation that saved her life.

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Aneurysms are "bulges in blood vessels caused by weakness in the walls of blood vessels", according to the UK National Health Service.

When blood passes through a weakened blood vessel, blood pressure causes a small portion of the vessel to expand like a balloon. Think of it like little bubbles that grow from blood vessels.

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