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5 Symptoms That Indicate You Need To Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Air


5 Symptoms That Indicate You Need To Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Air5 Symptoms That Indicate You Need To Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Air - Nowadays, fresh air is becoming a rare resource. Especially for your lungs, we have to pay attention to our lungs and the signs they give us when something is not okay. 

We’ve compiled a few symptoms that might indicate you need to take a deep breath of fresh air and telling you what you can do to get healthy lungs.

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1. Cough
A cough can be indicative of something simple, like a common cold, but it can also be a symptom of chronic diseases, hence the importance of knowing how to distinguish different types of coughs. 

Acute and sub-acute coughs might be signs of lung cancer, especially if combined with other symptoms like coughing up blood.

2. Shortness of breath
Shortness of breath is most often caused by heart or lung conditions, like asthma or allergies. If you are experiencing this, it’s a good idea to change your environment and try getting out of the city for a while or trying a more efficient workout routine. Make sure to contact your doctor if you are experiencing shortness of breath really often.

3. Back and shoulder pain
Although it’s listed as a rare symptom, back, shoulder or even chest pain can indicate the beginning of lung cancer. If this pain is stronger and lasts longer than the usual back pain, or if you experience it often, going to the doctor might be a good idea.

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4. Lack of energy
Everybody feels tired from time to time, this is normal. Sleep deprivation or stress can be the cause of your tiredness, but if you’re feeling abnormally tired very often, your cough doesn’t go away, and you have a loss of appetite, you might have an underlying medical condition.

5. Yellow eyes and skin (jaundice)
This can be an easily dismissible condition, yet it’s a very important one because it is a clear indicator of liver problems that can be caused by lung cancer. Jaundice is a condition that turns your skin yellow. It also affects the white part of your eye, turning it pale yellow and in acute diseases, dark yellow.

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