Sunday, 09 Aug 2020

Prilly Latuconsina is Precisely Shunned Because She Has Principe Not to Have Sex Before Marriage


Prilly LotuconsianaPrilly Lotuconsiana - Prilly Latuconsina recently admitted that she would not have sex before marriage. Every time a man approaches him, Prilly always insists that she does not want to have sex before marriage.

However, because of his confession, Prilly was shunned by a man who had approached her. Yes, until now, the girl who was born in 1996 was still a virgin and kept herself from falling into bad things.

Nevertheless, Prilly still values ??people who have the principle of sex before marriage. According to her, it was all a matter of choice.

For Prilly, the person who can get it to marry her is a very special person. For this reason, she is determined to provide something special for her partner in the future. For her something special one of which is what she has been guarding so far. So Prilly said as quoted by INDOZONE on YouTube channel Melaney Ricardo.

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According to Prilly, if later he does not have a relationship with a man who has had sex with him, he will think and it will greatly disrupt his activities.

"And what do I think, I don't like memories, and I don't want to do that before my husband, it will get stuck in my mind. I don't like creating memories with an ex, so indeed I never collect ex-items, never remember him again, let alone do things long before marriage, "said the girl with Moluccan blood.

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On that occasion, Prilly claimed she would not mind the past of the man who approached her. She does not matter if the man who approached him had sex with his ex.

"If there are guys who want to struggle even though they have different experiences or pasts with you because of love with you it's okay because in our religion we can't discuss the past," Prilly continued.

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