Sunday, 09 Aug 2020

This is a list of Smartphone Failures of All Time


FailureFailure - It seems we have come a long way because smartphones are now more reliable than ever. However, along the way, there are many failures that we cannot forget. Some fail this is funny, while others are quite serious. From the headphone jack area to the truly exploded phone, this is the biggest smartphone that fails so people will never forget.

1. Apple Removes the Headphone Socket

We still criticize cellphones today when the company chose to remove the headphone jack on the smartphone. However, it all started in 2016 when Apple removed the headphone jack for the iPhone 7. We were even greeted with a dongle and earphone port flash. Today, almost everyone has followed Apple's design choices for the mainstay mobile phones since then. Apple releases a headphone jack for better water and dust resistance which makes the phone practically waterproof. Others have adopted the same design for the same reason and it is unlikely we will ever return.

2. Galaxy Note 7 Disaster

The biggest failure in smartphone history was the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 which resulted in cellphones being banned on flights. This phone has a major battery defect that causes the phone to overheat and explode which causes Samsung to permanently stop the Galaxy Note 7. The battery contains a design flaw where the electrodes on the top right of the battery are susceptible to bending. This results in thermal run-off and short circuit which causes the battery to overheat and eventually catch fire.

3. Freedom 251

Perhaps the biggest scam in the history of technology is an example where a telephone by the Indian company Ringing Bells Private Limited is touted as the cheapest telephone in the world. It sells for 251 Indian Rupees equivalent to 49 Thousand Rupiah for a limited time for customers. In fact, the phone on display to the press was an Adcom device that was replaced. The final unit is different from the original prototype and only 5,000 customers can get their device. Since then, the company has promised to return "30,000 customers who pre-booked Freedom 251 on the first day of sales."

The parent company has also been accused of fraud and not paying contributions by Cyfuture's customer service providers.

4. Advertisements on Xiaomi Phones

Just because a cellphone is cheap, that doesn't mean people need to show ads on millions of smartphones. That's exactly what Xiaomi did with their Redmi device where the company has been displaying advertisements for some time. For us, this pesky advertisement is an invasion of privacy because smartphones are more personal devices than portable billboards. Many users also complain about Xiaomi displaying adult content ads on their devices that are not entirely family-friendly. Although there are ways to deactivate ads, they still haven't completely removed these ads and some even appear as notifications from apps like "GetApps", Mi Browser, Mi Manager, App Security, and others.

5. Samsung Galaxy Screen Display Problems

Samsung announced the world's first folding phone that opens and closes like a book. However, due to using new technology, many problems were discovered that did not really help the initial launch of cellphones. The reviewer found that the screen will stop functioning because the phone is very fragile. The phone is also equipped with a thin screen layer that looks more like a screen protector and after being released, will let debris enter the screen and cause permanent damage. That is a serious problem for phones that cost above Rs 1 lakh. Samsung came up with a smoother product called Galaxy Z Flip.


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