Sunday, 09 Aug 2020

The Garmin service began to slowly revive after a while ago the service had to down


GarminGarmin - Many services are still affected, but you can synchronize activities from your watch now.

Last weekend, Garmin faced a massive blackout in service - and now, after more than four days have passed, not everything has returned to normal. The company posted frequently asked questions without a framework on Saturday the 25th, but its Twitter account has not provided an update since then. However, everything seems to be going slowly but surely coming back to life. Yesterday, Strava's Activity Tracking confirmed that it could again send training data to Garmin's Connect.

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We also heard from some users that everything came back to life. Ian at Mountain View wrote to let us know that the recent activities were synchronized to Strava from his watch Garmin Fenix ??and that notifications had started working again. The Engadget editor also sees training data from synchronizing his watch to Strava through Garmin Connect as well. But a quick look at the Garmin System Status page shows that there are still many problems on all of its platforms.

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Unfortunately, Garmin's relative lack of communication on this issue means that we still don't know exactly what went wrong or when users can expect things to return to normal. Some other main services, such as registering a new device, are backed up and also running, but if you are still experiencing anomalies with your Garmin device, you must remain patient. Last week, ZDNet increased that service outages resulted from ransomware attacks on the company's intranet, which closed call centers and online support tools. We have contacted Garmin to get any updates you can give us when we hope that everything will be back online and what makes the system worse, and we will update this story with whatever we learn.

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