Sunday, 09 Aug 2020

Got Mad Because of the Motorcycle was Scattered, Some Ambon Residents Clash With Residents


IllustrationIllustration - A commotion occurred between Ambon residents and a group of social organizations (mass organizations) in the City of Bekasi, West Java. It is known, the commotion was triggered by the Ambon citizens 'motorcycle being hit by the residents' car.

The incident occurred around Jalan Hankam, Pondok Gede, Bekasi City, Friday (31 July) night. Initially, a number of Ambonese were celebrating a birthday party. Some Ambonese motorbikes were parked on the side of the road.

At around 09:00 pm, a local resident wanted to put his car in his garage. However, because it passes through a fairly narrow alley, the car grazed the motor that was parked.

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Not accepting that the motorcycle was hit, a number of Ambonese hit the driver of the car. The noise invited the attention of local residents.

The situation was increasingly crowded because residents who were at the location also gathered and defended the car drivers who incidentally included residents of the surrounding environment. Even the driver of the car is said to be one of the mass organizations.

As a result of the commotion, there were a number of residents injured. But the wound was not so bad.

Obtaining information about the commotion, personnel at Pondok Gede Police Station and Bekasi Bekasi City Police Resort drove to the scene. The commotion could finally be muted.

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After conducting an examination, four people were proven to have carried out the persecution. The four Ambonese are now detained at the Bekasi City Metro Police Station.

Head of the Pondok Gede Kompol Hersiantony said the same thing. Beatings by Ambonese against the motorist did not use sharp weapons.

"Yes, empty-handed," said Hersiantony.

Until now this case is still being investigated by Bekasi City Metro Police.

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